The Legend of Vanport: The Superior Choice, Pioneers in Global Timber.

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About Us

Vanport International, with offices in the U.S. and a strong sales presence in Japan, operates closely with third-party on-the-ground support across Europe, South America, and throughout Asia. Through our worldwide network of sales and support, we supply our customers with softwood lumber that meets their specific needs.

The Vanport Story: A Legacy of Resilience and Evolution

Founded in 1967 and still run by the Hertrich family, Vanport International’s journey can be summed up by resilience and evolution. Over the decades, we have navigated the dynamic landscape of the timber industry, continually adapting to new challenges and opportunities. Our extensive experience spans various roles within the industry, from sawmilling and lumber grading to global logistics and quality control.

Our commitment to quality and integrity has earned us numerous accolades and partnerships. For example, in 1988, we became the first sawmill outside Japan to receive the Japan Agricultural Standards (JAS) certification, reflecting our dedication to meeting the highest standards in lumber grading and production.

Our robust global network, deep-rooted connections, and substantial buying power with mills and freight carriers enable us to provide exceptional service and solutions for our business partners. Whether sourcing the finest softwoods or ensuring seamless logistics, Vanport International is your trusted partner for premium softwoods and expert logistics in the global market.

Our Team

Paul Owen

  • Joined 1988
  • BA Oregon State University
  • Certified JAS Grader
  • Fluent in Japanese

Shinobu Okajima
Office & Logistics

  • Joined 1995
  • Native Japanese speaker

Eliazar Lopez
South America

  • Joined 2018
  • Native Spanish speaker

Certificates and Associations held by Vanport International