Your Trusted Partner for Premium Softwoods and Expert Logistics in the Global Market

At Vanport International, we are renowned for our expertise in the international import and export of high-quality lumber. Our extensive history and industry experience set us apart as a trusted partner in the global lumber market. From sourcing the finest softwoods like Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock, Taeda Pine, Japanese Cedar, and Japanese Hinoki to providing comprehensive logistics and quality control services, we ensure that our clients receive the best products and support. With our deep-rooted connections and commitment to excellence, Vanport International is your premier choice for all your lumber needs.

Commitment to Integrity and Solutions

In a world where integrity and trust often seem undervalued, Vanport International stands firm in upholding these traditional values. We pride ourselves on operating with honesty and reliability, always finding ways to provide effective solutions and support for our business partners. Our mission is to help you solve problems, making your lumber trade experience as easy and smooth as possible. At Vanport, your success is our priority.

Import Specialties

  • Sugi Japanese Cedar
  • Gaucho Argentina Taeda Pine
  • Hinoki Japanese Cypress
  • Other Premium Softwoods

Export Specialties

  • Gaucho Argentina Taeda Pine
  • Eucalyptus
  • Southern Yellow Pine
  • Various Other Softwoods

We collaborate with some of the largest mills worldwide, acting as both suppliers and export representatives. Our comprehensive services include handling shipping, customs, compliance with the Lacey Act, and other logistical challenges, allowing our customers to focus on their core business of buying and selling lumber.

Our dedicated and experienced logistics team, comprising native speakers of Japanese and Spanish, ensures seamless communication and superior service.

Our Services

We create value by linking wood product manufacturers with end-users and distributors, leveraging our expertise in marketing, sales, quality control, logistics, and finance. This holistic approach allows us to meet the diverse needs of our international customers and suppliers. Our active supply network spans the USA, China, Japan, and many other global markets.

Core Services

  • Marketing: With over 50 years in the timber industry, including running multiple sawmills and extensive experience selling to Japan and other markets, we know exactly what the markets require and how to meet their demands.
  • Manufacturer Representation: Bridging the gap between producers and buyers, we understand the stringent Japanese grading standards, being one of the first U.S. companies certified to grade lumber for Japan.
  • Logistics: Streamlined and efficient handling of your shipments, with a full logistics team experienced in navigating international shipping regulations.
  • Advising: Leveraging our long history in the timber industry, we provide expert advice to help maximize your output and operational efficiency.

Our Products

We offer a wide range of high-quality softwoods, ensuring you receive the best materials for your needs.

Choose Vanport International for unparalleled expertise and service in the international lumber industry. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your business.